The rewards that come from the sport of wrestling go far past the winning of medals. Wrestling is the vehicle that drives us to out work everyone around us. Training at Rhino you will notice quickly that the wins that come on the wrestling mat are nothing more then the bench mark of the amount of work, sacrifice and dedication that you have put in. We have developed a sound method for improving an athletes over all experience and relationship with the sport that can be applied to every aspect of the students' life




Known nationally for our emphasis on the technical aspects of the sport, Rhino's system of teaching body position can improve any skill set. 


Strength of mind and body are skills learned at Rhino that will transfer over to the rest of your life. 



All of the most valuable lessons learned in this sport, like hard work, respect, fitness, and self confidence are the things that go into making what we like to refer to as the Rhino Lifestyle. 

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Rhino Wrestling Club is Located at 14 Tennent Rd, in Morganville, NJ. To schedule a free trial class contact RHINOWRESTLINGNJ@GMAIL.COM or click here.